Since was founded, we have been able to implement various projects. With this publication section, we would like to make the diverse insights of our work accessible to important stakeholders. Therefore, we have published with various partners publications that make our work and our methodology transparent.

Position Paper

Decent Work – Internally migrated textile workers  in Sri Lanka

The research report uses the Sri Lankan apparel sector as a case study to understand the systemic barriers that hinder access to decent work in Sri Lanka and to facilitate the development of closer bilateral relationships between garment workers in Sri Lanka and supply chain actors and stakeholders in Germany. This report was written in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

  • A description of the multiple key drivers of internal migration in Sri Lanka

  • An overview of the working and living conditions of garment workers in Sri Lanka

  • A set of recommendations for various stakeholders (governments, companies and NGOs) to support the living and working conditions of garment workers.

Research Paper

Diaspora Driven Green Partnerships

This research paper offers tips and tricks on how green partnerships with diaspora organizations can be identified, initiated, formalized and implemented. This paper was published in cooperation with the European Union in the form of the ICMPD organizational unit.

  • An overview of the type of partnerships with the diaspora in projects in the context of climate change.

  • An overview of success factors for a partnership with a diaspora organization.

  • An overview of frameworks that enable the impact of diaspora organizations.