What we do

Our Impact

Every year we expand our thematic areas with new projects that we initiate to expand our impact in Sri Lanka:

People empowered in Sri Lanka
Volunteers mobilised in Sri Lanka
Capacities of non-profit organisation expanded
Start-ups supported with further training
Farmers in our farming community
Teacher trained in Digital Education
Meetings with local authorities
Job opportunities created
Members worldwide

Tamil Community

As part of the Tamil diaspora, we support each other with the day-to-day life in Germany. This exchange forms the basis for our various projects.

Sustainable Development Cooperation

We implement projects in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia and support other diaspora communities in implementing projects with sustainable impact.

Thought Leadership

With our experience from our projects, we make recommendations to governments, companies and NGOs to achieve a sustainable impact with inclusive growth

Diaspora. Transnational Community. Sustainable Development Cooperation

Our Approach

We always work with local organisations to understand their needs and implement sustainable projects together.

Learn more about our diaspora approach and how we work with local organisations.

Our Team

Our team consists of diverse members from the Tamil diaspora with different skills and experiences, including teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers and consultants. The common motivation is to create sustainable impact in the home countries of the diaspora.

Learn more about our team and our organisational structure.

Who we are

Redefining global identities.

Comdu.it Deutschland e.V. is a registered association and wants  to revolutionize development cooperation by using diaspora resources (know-how, finances and network) as a migrant self-organization.We build an identity-creating cooperation model with NGOs, companies and other institutes from the home countries to create transnational communities and jointly implement sustainable projects.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve sustainable impact by empowering vulnerable and underrepresented groups.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the best model for transnational development cooperation by effectively leveraging diaspora resources.

Our Values

  • Empowerment

  • Knowledge

  • Community


Through our various projects we have generated Insights, which we summarise in aggregated form in our publications. We currently have two publications on the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act and Diaspora Partnerships on our website.

Learn more about our current publications.


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